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Ave Maria!

Fr. Mahan gives the talks at the Spring Marian Day for 2018, May 5th, that had the theme "Our Lady, and the Three-Fold Mission of Christ & the Church: Prophet, Priest, and King." The first talk is on the Prophetic Mission that everyone is called to in the Church.

For the other talks:

Notes taken during talk:

Call to holiness of life is for everyone
Set apart for service with Christ
Holiness is communion with God, but also His Church
Each of has our own calling and mission that God gives
Prophetic Mission
More than predicting future, to speak the message of God
Watch your thoughts because they lead to words, which lead to action, which lead to habits, which lead to character
Called to speak for God. All our words should be noble, positive, edify
Do we fall into bad habits of speech, gossip, bad news?
Spread the Good News in action and words
“Preach the Gospel always and sometimes use words” Attributed to St. Francis. He did not say that. Action can speak louder than words, but we need to use words as well for our mission.
New Evangelization
We have geography covered bringing the gospel everywhere. Now need to bring it to all aspects of life and to all individuals. This is the job of the laity.
Priests spend most of their time interacting with Church people. Laity are the ones who go beyond.
In each opportunity we can lift people up or bring them down, bring them farther from God or closer
Invite people to pray
Holy thoughts will lead to holy words, just right for each moment.
Evangelization is not just for the cults, nor is it proselytizing, doing cold calls.
We do not have to be obnoxious
Ask others if they have a Church.
50% was the number who do not go or belong to a Church. Number of people going to Church is dropping.
Mary was present with the apostles at Pentecost when they were given the spirit to go out from the upper room.
Build up the Church
Beyond any demographics
We should be growing even if population does not increase. Requires evangelization.
Prayer to Mary.



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