Video – Conferences #192: Pope Benedict and Mary’s “Yes”, Part 1

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Louis Maximilian from our friary in New Bedford, Mass. gives the second talk of his retreat "The woman of the Yes" on the words of Benedict XVI on Mary. (See Homily on Nov 16, 2012 for the introductory talk).

In this first part he covers:

Part 1 - Mary's yes to God's Initiative

  1. "Yes" is the Definition of Mary - The yes to God's initiative defines the very nature of Mary, continuing throughout her life and throughout the whole of the life of the Church as the Church continues to beget children of God.

  2. Mary Full of Grace

  3. Marian Principles

1. "Yes" is the Definition of Mary

  • How Our Lady is present along with Our Lord.

  • Need for all to have Mary

  • The woman of the Yes

  • We are in troubled times with great confusion

  • But we cant go back in time

  • Must live the faith and evangelize in the time that God has placed us.

  • We must do this by going back to Mary, as model and inspiration

  • Mary's faith is the most perfect of any human person. Mary's response is at the heart of our faith and salvation. She is at the center of the events outlined in the creed. She makes the facts of the creed very human, personal. This is very central, the personal dimension.

  • Yes is personal using her whole person including her body.

  • And her soul, She obeyed, gave an open ear to the world of the Lord.

  • Hebrews when Christ came in the world.

  • True freedom is freedom to not sin and this freedom, this conformity to God's will, is what enables Mary to become the Mother of God.

2. Mary full of grace

  • Passive is not receptive. We can be active in our reception. Again she is not a mere incubator of the body of Jesus

  • so too she is not mere passive receptor of God's Grace

  • Being open to grace results in being open to even more grace

  • Mary is an active participant

  • Personal God reaches out to the person of Mary and Mary responds, reaches out to God.

  • Mary opens her self up to God

3. Marian Principles

  • Two principles for the Church Petrine and Marian.

  • Mary's act of faith is more important

  • Marian Principle along with the Petrine

  • Mary's act of faith is perfect union of God and Man in grace and and this comes right into the Church as all the acts of faith subsequently

  • This includes the yes of St. Peter's faith

  • If we loose sight of this then this is the beginning of the identity crisis

  • go to the documents of the council, catechism and rediscover the faith, simplicity of faith.

  • Go back to Mary so souls can be reunited with God.

Ave Maria!

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The other parts of this conference are as follows:

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