Sep 19 – Homily – Fr Joachim: La Salette a Warning

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Homily #120919b ( 09min) Play - Fr. Joachim preaches on the message of Our Lady of  La Salette and how we are to avoid disaster by heeding the Gospel and the commandments of God.
Ave Maria!
Mass: Our Lady of La Salette - Opt Mem - Form: OF
Readings: Wednesday in the 24th Week in Ordinary Time
1st: 1co 12:31-13:13
Resp: psa 33:2-3, 4-5, 12, 22
Gsp: luk 7:31-35

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  • 4 love of God says:

    Am I the only one noticing the increase in ‘doom and gloom’ homilies?

    St Luke (1:30) To Mary – full of grace

    “And the angel of God said unto her: Fear not, Mary, for thou has found grace with God.”

    St Matthew (1:20) To Joseph – a just man/ (see verse 1:19)

    But while he thought on these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared to him in his sleep, saying: Joseph, son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.”

    St Luke (5:5-11) To Peter – a confessed sinner (humility)

    10 “…Fear not: from henceforth thou shalt catch men. 11 And having brought their ships to land, leaving all things, they followed him.”

    The Message of Blessed Pope John Paul II ~ “Be Not Afraid”

    Notice the three individuals mentioned above. Mary accents to being the Mother of Our Lord. She was knew very well what her ‘fiat’ would mean for her. She shows us courage, perseverance, trust in the Providence of God. Her mission is to co-redeem mankind with Her Son, Jesus.

    Joseph, a just man, is told not to be afraid. In his obedience to the messenger of God (angel) Joseph becomes the Protector of the Holy Family! His mission was to become the Protector of Holy Mother Church. He was not afraid.

    Peter, who knew a great deal about fishing, trusts Jesus’ word and sets his boats out in the worst fishing conditions. He catches so many fish the boats almost sink. Peter, as you well know, becomes the apostle God chooses to become the first Vicar of Christ on earth! That is his mission…to lead men to Christ.

    Try to imagine what would have happened had Mary, Jospeh, or Peter been afraid.

    Doom and gloom homilies/talks instill fear. Fear brings eventual despair. Despair is the work of Satan. He wants nothing more than to see us lose our trust in the Infinite Mercy of God, and in the maternal intercessions of Mary!!

    Keep the Commandments, do your daily duties, and love God with you whole heart, and your neighbor as yourself! We all are given unique missions in this life….enjoy living yours.

    May God’s peace be with us all!

  • Red says:

    Sorry, “4 love”, but I guess it’s all about one’s perspective!

    I find these homilies, stories of the martyrs, and messages of Our Lady not to be about doom and gloom, nor do they instill fear that leads me to despair, but quite the contrary, they place in my soul a sense of hope and joy and a renewed love for Our Lord and Our God, Jesus Christ Great and Mighty!

    How kind and merciful He has been to send His Holy Mother to us, even as we cling to our sins, our deadly pride, and even in the midst of all the killing and bloodshed. Surely our indifference and smug sense of security, in the face of the horrors of this world, is repugnant to Our Lord and to the Queen of Heaven, yet still they hold out to us the Holy Hands of Divine Mercy!

    I experience a sense of profound peace and quiet joy and thanksgiving for such unfathomable, undeserved Mercy. Perhaps those who sense doom and gloom from these loving warnings of Our Lord and Master through the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix and Coredemptix, and through the stories of Christ’s martyrs, are the ones who are experiencing that human fear and despair which you rightfully advise against?

    This life can be very pleasant at times, and it is easy enough I should think, to become overly attached to it and all its pleasantries. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Our Lord taught us that we should not become too attached to this world, as that type of attachment can be difficult to let go of when the time comes.

    Like the rich young ruler who “obeyed all the commandments, kept them from his youth” and sought to “possess everlasting life.” Yet he could not give up all the riches of this life that he had become attached to in order the exchange them for the greater riches to be found only in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    “And Jesus seeing him become sorrowful, said: How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God. For it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”

    Our Lord and His Holy Mother Mary are offering us peace and mercy and the Divine Love of God through these messages. I can’t but hear these words, yes, as a warning, but more importantly, a warning that is filled with tender love and mercy and compassion!

    This life, this world, will pass away, but the wonders and joys of Heaven are eternal. When we lose sight of this truth, then the killing and the bloodshed continues and increases, as we become smug and indifferent to the suffering of others, the sufferings of Jesus and Mary.
    For as we do to the least of these, so we do unto the Divine Son of Mary, Queen of Heaven.

    No, I don’t hear doom and gloom when Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, comes with her loving message. Could there ever have been a time in history when the world was more in need of this beautiful gift of Mercy and Love? Yet if we are unwilling to accept that grace, then it is also entirely loving that Our Lady warn us of the consequences to come from that indifference.

    So I hear a message of Mercy, and of Love, and of Compassion, and of hope and joy, in the midst of an undeserving, indifferent, and selfish world. And if we can’t see that is what we have become to a great extent, perhaps we are a little like that rich ruler who became sorrowful, or gloomy, when he heard Christ’s words which seemed such a paradox to many.

    Ave Maria!

  • 4 love of God says:

    Another ‘deer standing in front of an oncoming car’ heard from.

  • 4 love of God says:

    Sensation about Our Lady of La Salette arose when Melanie and Maximin made her message public, which caused the bishop of Grenoble to investigate the apparition.[7] During the investigation, a number of accusations were made against the visionaries, including the assertion that the apparition was just a young woman named Lamerliere.[7]

    The visionaries sent two secrets to Pope Pius IX – one given to each of them, which they never revealed to one another – but which the pope never made public.[7] However, sensation again arose when Melanie allegedly published her secret in a pamphlet, which she herself had printed, in Lecce, with the local bishop’s approval.[7]

    ~~~*The Church has condemned the published secret. Melanie, later in life, was known to have been disturbed by reading apocalyptic books and similar materials.[7]*~~~

  • Red says:

    Well, hopefully there won’t be any bright headlights once we get to Heaven, God willing! 🙂 Perhaps the deer are panting for water….? Well, maybe. 😉 It’s a beautiful psalm, 41, and always a favorite. Some lovely stained-glass depictions I’ve seen of that, too.

    And besides, I’m getting pretty tired of those new HID headlights that are so glaring they’re a bit like laser-lights in the ol’ eyeball.

    Hey, maybe if enough deer stand in the path of those dang nasty HID headlights the cars will stop, or maybe at least slow ’em down. Dear me! Everyone’s driving too fast, anyway, y’ever notice? Well, what do we get here, three score and ten, maybe four score if you stretch it out.

    You know, we’ve got an overflow of deer around where I live, and we see them all the time feeding by the side of the road, even on some of the roads where if you don’t drive at least 15 mph over the speed limit the crazed driver behind gets all nasty and impatient and oh my goodness. Happens all the time! But when there are deer out in the middle of the road, well, then everyone’s forced to be more patient and I think it really does improve people’s moods when they slow down for the deer standing there staring at ’em. Really, it’s true. We’ve even had a doe with two fawns lying down out in the grass back of the house, often enough.

    Funny enough, yesterday I had to go out the back (another true story!) and there were two lying there, full grown and they looked at me, only about maybe 25 feet away, if that, and started to get up and I told ’em it’s okay, just stay put, it’s all right. And I went around to the front and they just lay back down in the shade and rested some more. Really a nice moment, well, for me anyway!

    Now I’d better not get started on the interesting life of the many broods of quail that have strutted across that back area of the house. Very impressive lot, those quail. 😉 They really stick together and it’s kind of sweet and comical and beautiful to watch, all at the same time!

    And I just thought of another interesting fact. Both the words, “deer” and “quail” are the same in the singular as they are in the plural form. Like moose, and fish, and buffalo!

    Oh give me a hoooome, where the buffalo roooaam. And the deer and the antelope plaaaayyy. Where seldom is heard….. and, well, we all know the rest. 🙂

    God love you, ‘4 love of God’. Have a wonderful weekend. Pray for that panting old deer, will you. Metaphor or simile. It’s the prayer that makes all the difference. 🙂

    Ave Maria! And peace to men of good will.

  • Red says:

    Oh, 4 love of God. You forgot to mention that the Church has not condemned or revoked its original approval of the apparition at LaSalette. Otherwise we would not have heard these words from Blessed Pope John Paul II concerning the apparition of LaSalette:

    “In this place, Mary, the loving Mother appeared manifesting her pain for the moral evil caused by humanity. Her tears help us to understand the seriousness of sin and the rejection of God, and at the same time it is a manifestation of the passionate fidelity that her Son has for each person, even though His redemptive love is marked by the wounds of treason and abandonment by men.”

    The “condemned published secret” your excerpt from wikipedia refers to is a late-published pamphlet, printed almost 30 years after the apparition. Though this publication was ultimately rejected, La Salette remains and still is one of the approved apparitions of the 20th century.

    We must not behave like Martin Luther and throw the baby out with the bathwater. For a more favorable view on the Church-approved apparition of LaSalette interested persons may visit

    And there is this page from a wonderful website from the Missionaries of LaSalette. If a person scrolls down to the bottom of this page, a lovely 7 minute video can be seen which concerns the apparition and the Missionaries of LaSalette around the world. Wow! This was all a real eye-opener to me, the huge network of priests and religious and the many fruits that have come from LaSalette. Our Catholic faith is so rich and beautiful! That’s the lovely baby we must not throw out with the bathwater! 😉

    Ave Maria! And peace to men of good will.

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