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Ave Maria!

AirMaria has just reached One Million visits.  We actually don’t have a direct number of video views this translates to but even if there is only one view per visit then it is one million views. We seem to get as many views of our videos on AirMaria as on our account at Youtube so it is probably around 1.5 million especially since there are many more videos on AirMaria than on our Youtube channel.

On other sites we have racked up views as follows.

  • Youtube over 1.5 Million
  • GloriaTV no direct number  but over 3,ooo videos are uploaded with average views of 2000 per video is Six Million
  • Catholic Online we have 2,653 videos at an average of 2500 views long term is about 6.5 million views

That  is a total of 15.5 million views! Deo Gratias!

Please consider a donation to help keep us going with this very effective yet expensive apostolate. May God reward you for your support and and all your interest in our site. And come visit again soon!


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  • Marie says:

    1/2 million visits to AirMaria were mine alone! ( Just kidding….maybe just a quarter million visits….. 🙂 )

    Seriously, congratulations to the AirMaria team for a job well done.

    Wishing you all the best!

    Ave Maria!

  • Br. David says:


    Great news!

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