Video – Variety #159: World Youth Day Moments: Vigil Among the Youth

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Ave Maria!

The exact estimates on how many came to Cuatro Vientos were prohibited by the Spanish government, but depending on which media sources, there where between 1.4 Million to 2 Million youth gathered to be with the Pope (an estimated 200,000 people were refused entry when the gates were closed at 5pm Saturday).

Don't be surprised that the Spanish Government was not very cooperative, just over 70 years ago between July 17, 1936 to April 1, 1939 the government killed 1/3 of the Catholic Priests in Spain.

While we were in Spain we visited Alcala, a town 33 miles east of Madrid. We stopped by a Poor Clare Convent and they told us that one of their nuns was killed during the persecution.

Ave Maria!

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