Video – Face of Pro-Life #118: Jill Sackidovitch – Birthright, Westbrook, CT

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Ave Maria!

This episode was  a live show  on local television with guest Jill Sackidovitch director of the Westbrook, CT branch of Birthright, the premier nation-wide (even international) emergency pregnancy assistance centers for women. She relates to hostess Corinn Dahm how she got involved in Birthright when she wasn't even looking to do so as well as all the challenges of talking to young mothers in distressed pregnancies. They discuss:

  • pro-choice nature of the agency in that it gives women a chance to choose life when, in this pro-abortion world, pregnant women are often heavily pressured to abort their child

  • demoralizing and even traumatic nature of abortion that scars many women for life.

  • lack of safety for abortion procedure

  • lack of education about the emotional and medical dangers of abortion.

  • difficulties and joys of adoption for women with unwanted pregnancies

  • how they reach out to distressed mothers

  • procedure for giving assistance once they come to their facilities

  • how friendship is the greatest thing needed for these women even if they do make the wrong decision

  • what additional services are needed for mothers in the future

  • type of people needed for volunteers

  • how people can donate

  • how many women are helped

Ave Maria!

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