Video – Conferences #100: Soctus Newman – Panel 1- Q3 – Reconnect Will and Intellect Requested by Pope

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Ave Maria!

Newman-Scotus Symposium - Fr. Ed Ondrako asks how we might implement what the Pope asked for, to reconnect will and intellect?

Dr. Noone answers that the problem is rooted in Descartes by disassociating will from intellect. He was aware of Scotus and used his thoughts but ultimately subverted them. He covers the progress from Descartes and even sketches the reasons why Scotus is blamed due to misconceptions about him.

Fr. Ed adds that it is very heard to stay clear of misconceptions.

Dr. Noone reflects on the rarity of authors and philosophers to be free of preconceptions and pints to the exception of Etienne Gilson who saw right past the heavy bias against Scotus in the 1920's and 30's. And that it is sad that Scotus is not included in the great books program.

Fr. Ed further reflects on how this exposes a lack of knowledge of medieval history.

Sr. Mary Beth Ingham reflects on how challenging Scotus is to modern impoverished notions of thought and intellectual activity and even the notion of the person. Scotus does not hold to a real distinction between Intellect and will whereas Aquinas did have this distinction and led to a rather strict separation between the two.

Ave Maria!

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