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Ave Maria!

Dr. Mark Miravalle gives the third talk called "Now is the Time for the Fifth Dogma" for our symposium "Mother of the Church" on Marian Coredemption in the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Crosse, Wisconsin on August 21, 2010. Here he gives an amazingly compact run down of pretty much everything about this doctrine. He covers the other Marian doctrines that where proclaimed before Coredemption and how these relate it. He explains, what the doctrine contains, what it means for us, what it does not mean, its importance, its status in regard to becoming a dogma, mentions that virtually every saint, pope, and approved apparition of Mary in the last one hundred years supports the doctrine. He also answers common objections. Whew! all in less than an hour. Listening to this talk is time well spent if you want a thorough understanding of Mary Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate or, in other words, Mother of all Peoples, Mother of the Church. Enjoy!

Drew Mariani of Relevant Radio was the gracious MC of the symposium.

Ave Maria!

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