Video – Roving Reporter #115: N.O.M. The Fruit Between a Man and a Woman

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Ave Maria!

Marriage Day at the Aldrich Mansion - Sunday, August 16

The Marriage Day Celebration included live worship music, guest speakers, plenty of food, and activities for children. Tickets were sold for a cook-out style meal but attendees could also bring a picnic lunch. The highlight of the Sunday afternoon event was for married couples to renew their vows together at a beautiful waterfront setting.

This was a great opportunity to take a stand for marriage as it was created: between a man and a woman. Our goal is to esteem marriage to its proper place in society and make a statement that Rhode Islanders believe strongly in this cherished institution.

Ave Maria!

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  • mrsv says:

    Ave Maria! That was an awesome interview! Thank you for being there.
    Pax et Bonum.

  • Rachel says:

    That was not only adorable but so very heartwarming too! Great little interview with Claire. She’s a saint in the making. God bless all the hard work you friars put into this online video ministry.

  • Maria Houseal Johnston says:

    What a great interview! Fra David Maria Anthony does a great job interviewing these beautiful children. Wonderful to hear my brother’s laugh and see him smile!

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