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St. Maximilian Kolbe speaks of the Immaculata

Ave Maria Meditations

“Let us give ourselves to the Immaculata. Let her prepare us, let her receive Him in Holy Communion. This is the manner most perfect and pleasing to the Lord Jesus and brings great fruit to us.”   – St. Maximilian Kolbe

 For Jesus Christ I am prepared to suffer still more.
– Saint Maximilian Kolbe

“A soul consecrated to the Immaculate must follow the inspirations of the heart with complete liberty and approach the tabernacle, the cross, the Holy Trinity with much more courage, because that soul does not approach alone, but together with the Heavenly Mother, the Immaculate. Therefore, the soul consecrated to the Immaculate needs to pray the ejaculatory prayers and other prayers with great liberty, as the wings of the love of God guide it, where the Holy Spirit inspires it, shattering all barriers.”

 “A soul that is consecrated to the Immaculate, even if it does not turn its thought in an explicit way to the Immaculate and offers the prayer, the work, the suffering or any other thing, directly to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that soul procures for the Heart of Jesus a pleasure that is incomparably greater than it would if it were not consecrated to the Immaculate.”

 “If we belong to the Immaculate, then everything that is ours belongs to Her and Jesus accepts everything that comes from us as if it came from Her, as if it belonged to Her. In this case, She cannot leave those actions imperfect, but She renders them worthy of Herself, that is Immaculate, without the slightest stain.”

“Even if we already belong to the Immaculate, nevertheless, with the more important things, it is good to give them to Her as Her property, even with the mere invocation, “Mary”. When in difficulty, offer even this as Her property, with the invocation “Mary”: may She remove it, leave it be, reduce it or increase it as She pleases. When it is finished, always by means of the invocation “Mary”, may She purify it, repair that which is no good and offer it to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as Her own personal offering.”

“Let us often have recourse to the Immaculate.  When difficulties arise, offer them to Her, so that She may do with them as She prefers: remove them, reduce them, increase them or leave them as they are; but also at the end of work it is good to offer to Her the action completed, so that its effect may be that which She desires.”

“We want to be the property of the Immaculate up to the point that, not only will there be nothing in us that is not Hers, but that we become almost annihilated in Her, changed into Her, transubstantiated into Her, that She Herself remain. That we belong to Her, as She belongs to God.”

“Let us totally consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate, in order that She may deign to use us as instruments to save and sanctify souls. Let us conquer hearts for Her, because wherever She enters, there also penetrates divine grace and from this follows salvation and sanctification.”

“May the life of the Immaculate take possession of us ever more, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, and this without any limitation, growing, in the same way, in every soul that exists and will exist for all time: behold our beloved ideal.”

“Draw ourselves closer to the Immaculate, make ourselves similar to Her, permit that She take possession of our heart and of our entire being, that She live and work in us and through us, that She Herself may love God with our heart, that we may belong to Her without any restriction: behold our ideal.”

“We have the firm hope that only in Paradise could we belong to the Immaculate in an incomparably more perfect way. And along these lines we cultivate the desire and we pray to Her that She permit us to become always more Hers under every aspect.”

“Let us entrust to the Immaculate our entire being, all the faculties of our soul, that is to say, our intellect, our memory and our will, all the faculties of our body, that is, all of our senses and each one individually, our strength, our health or our infirmity; let us entrust to Her our entire life and all of its events whether they be pleasing, displeasing or indifferent. Let us entrust to Her our death, in whatever moment, place or way it may happen. And lastly, let us entrust to Her all of our eternity.”

“You alone have destroyed all heresies in the whole world.” The Immaculate, therefore, crushes the head of the serpent and destroys his enormous body composed of the most diverse heresies of various times and places. It is not written, however, that the Immaculate destroys heretics, because She loves all souls and for the love that She has for them She destroys the “heresies”, with the aim of freeing them from the heretical plague.”

“Be of the Immaculate, in order to become ever more pure, with a conscience ever more pure, immaculate, as She is of Jesus, even to the point of becoming mother and the conqueress of hearts for Him. You are of Her: let yourself be led by the Immaculate: everything that does not depend on your will She permits for your good, even if it comes from the bad will of others. It is She that wants this to happen to you.”

“Be calm, love one another, bearing with one another’s defects, so that your interior serenity may draw the souls of the pagans to the Immaculate. In fact, with the help of the Immaculate, not only can we do all things, but we can also endure all things.”

“The Immaculate must be, as soon as possible, the Queen of all men. Whoever resists Her and will not submit to Her dominion, will be lost. Whoever recognizes Her as Queen and departs, as Her knight, to conquer the world for Her, will live, grow and flourish ever more abundantly. This applies to every soul, every association and every organization: religious institutes, nations, etc.”


Sr. JosephMary f.t.i.

Author Sr. JosephMary f.t.i.

Our Lady found this unworthy lukewarm person and obtained for her the grace to enter the Third Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. May this person spend all eternity in showing her gratitude.

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