Fr. Peter FehlnerThe Golden Thread
November 23, 2006

Fr. Peter – Golden Thread #1 – Introduction to Bl. John Duns Scotus

From the first post: Fr. Peter gives an introduction to his theological series on Bl. John Duns Scotus in the context of a remedy for the modern crisis of faith, philosophy and culture…
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Fi NewsPromo
January 17, 2007

Video – FiNews #3: Marcus Grodi – Promotes Air Maria

FiNews #3 - Marcus Grodi for Air Maria >>> Play Ave Maria! Marcus Grodi, host of Journey Home on EWTN and Deep in Scripture on WEWN, gives a hearty recommendation for Air Maria…
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Fr. Peter FehlnerThe Golden Thread
February 1, 2007

Video – Fr. Peter – The Golden Thread #4: Obligation, Freedom and Being a true Person

The Golden Thread #4 - Fr. Peter Fehlner gives a Scotistic view of Freedom and Obligation >>> Play Ave Maria! Using the ever-present highway signs, "Buckle-up, Its The Law," Fr. Peter Fehlner, F.I.…
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Fr. Maximilian DeanImmaculate Music
February 14, 2007

Video – Music #1: I Will Lead You Into Solitude

Immaculate Music #1 - Fr. Maximilian Mary Dean, F.I. and Michael Grogan sing "I Will Lead You Into Solitude" >>> Play Ave Maria! We are excited to present Fr. Maximilian Mary Dean, F.I.…
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Fr. Peter FehlnerThe Golden Thread
February 19, 2007

Video – Fr. Peter – The Golden Thread #5: Scotus and the Key to Christian Thought

The Golden Thread #5 - Fr. Peter gives the Scotistic view of Christian thought >>> Play Ave Maria! Update: Notes and Explanations have been added. See the viewing page. Using Christmas and the…
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10 Most PopularImmaculate MusicMission Down Under
March 25, 2007

Video – Fra Gabriel – Skateboarding Down Under to Schubert’s Ave Maria!

Immaculate Music #3 - Fra Gabriel Skateboarding for the Immaculate >>> Play Ave Maria! Fra Gabriel Mary, FI does all things for the Immaculate near our Friary in Perth, Australia. He inspires the…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerStanding Fast
April 2, 2007

Video – Fr. Angelo – Standing Fast #4: Holy Week

Standing Fast#4 - Fr. Angelo Stands Fast in Holy Week >>> Play Ave Maria! Fr. Angelo Geiger shows how to Stand Fast in Holy week when the culture around us is not so…
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Face of Pro-LifeFr. Angelo Geiger
April 5, 2007

Video – Fr. Angelo Geiger #4: The Culture of Life is a Culture of Conversion

Face of Pro-Life #4 - Fr. Angelo talks with Corinn Dahm on the Face of ProLife (30min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Both sides of the abortion debate hold that death and life belong…
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Fr. Maximilian DeanImmaculate Music
April 5, 2007

Video – Immaculate Music – Oh Coredemptrix

Immaculate Music #4 - Fr. Maximilian and Michael Grogan sing of Mary Coredemptrix >>> Play Ave Maria! Fr. Maximilian and Michael Grogan continue their musical series from their live concert DVD. This selection…
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AirMaria UpdatesPromo
April 8, 2007

Video – FiNews #10: Dana gives Air Maria a High Note

FI News #10 - Dana sings her praises for Air Maria >>> Play Ave Maria! Dana, shown here in the 1993 World Youth Day in Denver Colorado, gives a heart warming recommendation for…
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Fi News
April 10, 2007

Video – FiNews #11: Ten Franciscans of the Immaculate Ordained to the Priesthood

FI News #11 - A slide show of the recent ordinations of 10 friars. >>> Play Ave Maria! We are happy to announce that ten Franciscans of the Immaculate were ordained to the…
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Fr. Maximilian DeanImmaculate Music
April 11, 2007

Video – Music – In the Breaking of the Bread

Immaculate Music #5 - Fr. Maximilian and Michael Grogan sing about the disciples on the road to Emmaus. >>> Play Ave Maria! This song, In the Breaking of the Bread, sung by Fr.…
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Fi News
April 24, 2007

Video – FiNews #12: Neil Babcox – Protestant Pastor becomes Catholic

FI News #12 - Protestant Pastor Neil Babcox converts to Catholicism because of the Blessed Virgin Mary. >>> Play Ave Maria! After being a Protestant Pastor for over 30 years, first in a…
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Fi News
April 28, 2007

Video – FI News #14: Brother Francis Mary Kalvelage Treasure Re-Discovered

FI News #14 - Bro. Francis Mary Kalvelage on Fatima Today >>> Play Ave Maria! We are so grateful here at AirMaria.com to Louise Marciano, the producer of the show "Fatima Today", which…
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Fi News
April 29, 2007

Video – FI News #15: Catholic Senators – Their Faith & Public Policy

FI News #15 - Catholic Senators and Presidential Candidates, Chris Dodd and Sam Brownback discuss their Catholic Faith and it's influence on their Public Policy at Boston College's Conte Forum >>> Play Ave…
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