Video – FiNews #11: Ten Franciscans of the Immaculate Ordained to the Priesthood

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Ave Maria!

We are happy to announce that ten Franciscans of the Immaculate were ordained to the priesthood through the imposition of the hands of His Eminence Crescenzio Card. Sepe, Archbishop of Napoli on March 24, 2007 in the Church of St. Theresa of the Discalced, Naples. This is an incredible blessing to the order and the Church. As the saintly Don Donlindo Ruotolo put it, "The priest is a flower that has bloomed in the magnificence of the love of Jesus Christ ... that shines in the splendor of his dignity and excels all others ... a rose from the Immaculate Heart of Mary"

There were no Americans ordained this year but one of the ordained, Fra Agnelus from England, made his postulancy and novitiate here in America and several American seminarians were in the Church and are anxiously awaiting their ordination in just a few short years, after which they will be able come back and minster to us here.

Fra Bonaventure from Cameroon was ordained as well. Generous benefactors from the US paid for the plane tickets for his family to come and see his ordination. All those who contributed will be glad to see that they were, in fact, able to come. They stand out in their beautiful traditional African clothes, captured here in some of the slides.

The beautiful church is staffed by the FI sisters who also sang magnificently for the ceremony. Thank you, Jesus and Mary!!

Ave Maria!

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  • Michael says:

    Wow! How beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. I am discerning a vocation and seeing this makes me want to drop everything I am doing and run to Mary!

    J-M-J Save Souls!

  • Ave Maria says:

    Just wonderful!!! Thanks for the posting. It is nice to be able to view such holy beauty.

  • Roy and Robin says:

    Our family enjoyed seeing this slide presentation immensely! Congratulations to all of these new priests! Especially to Fr. Agnelus, whom we miss from when he was here in Griswold! Gee, time flies!

  • Denis says:

    Is there any way to find out the titles and composers of the songs that accompanied the slideshow? Is there any way to get the sheet music? I’ve never heard them before. They are very beautiful and I would like to try to sing some of them with my parish choir.

  • Paula says:

    Just watched the slide show of Ten Franciscans being Ordained. How beautiful and holy! What reverence I felt as I watched. Thanks be to God! Ave Maria! p.s. I loved the singing, also, where can I buy a recording and get the sheet music? THANK YOU!! “Our Lady of Good Counsel, ora pro nobis!”