Video – Face of Pro-Life #5: Electing for the Culture of Death

By April 10, 2007June 5th, 2008Face of Pro-Life
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Ave Maria!

"The American people don't care about abortion."? That's Joe Collison's explanation for the shift in power in the 2006 midterm elections. As it stands today, a vote for the Democratic party is a vote for abortion and all the surrounding sins against life. Among other things in this episode, Joe and Corinn discuss how children have become a commodity and an entitlement in our culture: "We're entitled to children when we want them, and we're entitled to kill them when we don't."? It cannot be said often enough that the biggest accomplice of the Culture of Death is the media, who saturate our society with sex and then ignore, gloss over, and intentionally misinterpret it's painful, brutal consequences.

Ave Maria!

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