Why Latin?

By March 23, 2010From the Web

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  • Andrew Ouellette says:

    Ave Maria!

    While I agree that it is important to keep the rich tradtion of the Trinitine Mass alive in the Catholic Church, I believe that this video might end up being more divisive then educational. In the first part of the film, Father is outlying the so called “errors” of the Second Vatican Council.

    Vatican II is a vaild Church council, as I am sure the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate would argee, and the Novus Ordo Mass is one of the many rites of the Roman Catholic Church. I hope that we can all not forget that not only is there a N.O. Mass and a Latin Mass, there is also different rites for different communities such as the Carthusians.

    I do agree that certain INDIVIDUALS since V2 have fallen short of celebrating a reverant mass and that we need to crack done on irreverance.

    I love both the Latin Rite and the N.O. Rite. They are all the mass.

    In Christ Jesus


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