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Abstinence Only

By February 5, 2010From the Web, News
Carol Girard

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  • Fr. Ignatius says:

    Groundbreaking? That’s a bit over the top. I’d call it common sense. I think another study should be done between this method of presentation, which excludes references to religion and marriage, and one that does. I suspect those results, too, would be groundbreaking.

  • Carol Girard says:

    I agree with you father, however it has taken them this long to figure that teaching abstinence works. I suspect, that if they ever come to the conclusion that religion and marriage plays an important role we may no longer be here to witness it.

  • Jen says:

    Well, CNN was announcing just the opposite … the news I heard was that for the first time in 6 yrs, the pregnancy rate has increased and that the cause was due to abstinence teaching. Of course, it seems to me that the statistic shows the exact opposite. Now that they’re removing abstinence teaching the rates start to climb again. I’m glad to see that other broadcasters are pointing out the obvious. My guess is they have the statistics to prove what Father Ignatius is asking because these schools will hand out surveys every so often and one of the questions usually is whether your family is a ‘religious’ family and if those morals have been included when discussing sexual morality. So, they know the answer but they’d NEVER announce it. Separation of Church and State, don’t you see???

  • Jen says:

    One more difficulty to mention in tracking all of this (as you can see, I’ve been following this for quite some time because my kids are in public school) …. there are three basic programs. there is the ‘anything goes’ program where all forms of ABC are discussed and abstinence is mentioned but far from stressed. Then there is the abstinence only which technically is supposed to mean that only abstinence is discussed and no ABC is mentioned. Then there’s this quasi middle which is called, “Abstinence Based” … this means that abstinence is taught to be the only true safe method and the far superior choice HOWEVER , if you’re going to have sex, then here’s how to do it safely. So, I’ve always been curious as to how statistics fair from this quasi teaching strategy as opposed to the other two. If you ever get documentation on this, I’d be very interested.

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