10 Most PopularFace of Pro-LifeFr. Angelo Geiger
March 12, 2007

Video – Fr. Angelo – Face of Pro-life#3: The March of the Culture of Death

Face of Pro-life #3 - Fr. Angelo and Corinn Dahn on the state of Pro-Life>>> Play Ave Maria! The swearing in of a Democratically-controlled Congress in 2006 was a setback for the Culture…
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Fr. BonaventureHomily
April 3, 2008

Apr 3 – Homily – Fr Bonaventure: Chastity is a Virtue

  Homily #080403 ( 08min) Play - We must strive always for the virtue of chastity in order to bring charity into our world. Our culture today portrays chastity as a vice and…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerHomily
July 6, 2009

Jul 06 – Homily – Fr Angelo: St Maria Goretti, Lilly of Purity

Homily #090706 ( 06min) Play - St Maria Goretti gave up everything in testimony of the virtue of Christian Chastity when she was attacked by a rapist and chose death rather than consent.…
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Fi NewsVocations
September 18, 2009

Video – FiNews #56 – First Birthday Gifts for Our Lady

FI News #56 - Fra George Mary Pio of Our Lady of Fatima makes First Vows ( 06min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Here's a video of our 4 newly professed friars who took…
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Fr. Ignatius ManfredoniaGriswold, CTHomily
January 30, 2010

Jan 30 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Importance of Chastity

Homily #100130 ( 05min) Play - Fr Ignatius highlights the importance of chastity according to your state in marriage. He points out that it is common sense and when it is not followed…
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Corinn DahmFace of Pro-Life
June 14, 2010

Video – Face of Pro-Life #99: Carolyn’s Place

Face of Pro-Life #99 - Corinn Dahm with Ginny Baudinet and Ellen Cavallo ( 30min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Ginny Baudinet and Ellen Cavallo gives us a view of Carolyn's Place a pregnancy…
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Corinn DahmFace of Pro-LifeYouth
September 12, 2010

Video – Face of Pro-Life #93: Chastity Club

Face of Pro-Life #93 - Sarah Cloutier and Gabrielle Velasquez give a challenging message. ( 30min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Sarah Cloutier and Gabrielle Velasquez describe their new club at their high school…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerGriswold, CTHomily
February 5, 2011

Feb 05 – Homily – Fr Angelo: Good Body Bad Inclinations

Homily #110205 ( 11min) Play - The virtue of chastity goes along with the virtue of Temperance. In our culture today there is no such thing as an unchaste person, because  the media…
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MaryvictrixTheology of the Body
February 9, 2012

Holy Staring

Christopher West has quoted me in his new book, At the Heart of the Gospel:  Reclaiming the Body for the New Evangelization. Here is West’s own description of the book which he relates…
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Fr. George RothGriswold, CTHomily
August 28, 2012

Aug 28 – Homily – Fr George: St. Augustine was a giant.

Homily #120828 ( 12min) Play -St. Augustine was a giant.  God pulled him out of a life of sin to live a life of grace with his mother, St. Monica and mother Church.…
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Bloomington, INFr. JoachimHomily
November 21, 2012

Nov 21 – Homily – Fr Joachim: Mary, Presentation of Consecration

Homily #121121b ( 09min) Play - Fr. Joachim on the feast Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary commemorating the presentation of Our Lady in the Temple in Jerusalem as a young girl. He covers the origins…
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