Video – Face Pro-Life #80: Susan Boyce – Horrors in the Health Care Bill

By January 6, 2010March 2nd, 2019Corinn Dahm, Face of Pro-Life
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Ave Maria!

Susan Boyce outlines the hidden horrors of the latest National Health Care Bill, HR 3590. She covers the fact that 1000 pages have been added to the bill just since the summer. Now is 2074 pages, 2.5 trillion cost over ten years,  mandatory visitation of government officials to your homes, massive increase in family health care costs in very high taxes. For all US employees an abortion premium will be charged that goes diectly to the procurement of abortions. Also the head of Health and Human Services, currently pro-abortion Kathleen Sabelius, will have carte blanche powers to make changes to the plan with no recourse for the people to protest. Rationing by denial of care to long term or elderly patients, realtime access to bank accounts in, requirements to. Why, based on Catholic measures, the whole thing needs to be scrapped because of its neglect of Catholic principles of whether the Stupac Amendment is added or not and how the Catholic bishops and the USCCB are the only ones that can make this happen. National ID Card.

Update - Sources referenced in talk:

John Boehner explaining the monthly abortion fee:

Liberty Counsel's Comparison chart

Health care premium cost for a family of four with an annual salary of 75K

Rasmussen Reports on percentages favoring reform

I mentioned this article but didn't have it handy to pull info from:

Raymond Arroyo (again)

Rush Limbaugh explanation of the 2.5 trillion dollar price tag:

"RUSH: Let me give you the real number on this, Deborah, because it's even worse. The way this is working, it's the same thing they did in the House. They do a ten-year projection. However, the tax increases that fund it start immediately. The health care bill doesn't get implemented until year three or four, and that's how they're able to bring in this phony price. It's also phony because the numbers are just targets. The real number in this bill -- and I'll spell it out for you when we come back from the break -- is $2.5 trillion. It's over 2,000 pages. It would take 34 hours to read this bill from start to finish. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma wants to make that happen, make them read it on the floor of the United States Senate. Thanks, Deborah. "

Ave Maria!

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