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Aug 11,12 – St. Pio Daily – Gold Tried in Fire

By August 12, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!August’s Theme: Spiritual Aridity

11- “Moses, that great leader of the people of God, found the Lord in the darkness of Sinai. The Hebrew people saw it in the form of a cloud and as a cloud it appeared in the Temple. Jesus Christ, in the transfiguration on Tabor, was first visible and then made invisible to His apostles, because He was immersed in a bright cloud. That God hiding Himself in the darkness means His (il suo ingrandirsi ai vostri sguardi – too difficult for translator!) and that from the invisible to the intelligible one is transfigured into the purely divine.”

12- “Neither am I deceived nor mistaken, nor are you a sinner: the sun rises and causes the noon day, and the soul reaches to the sun; but when it passes and darkness happens, one has no more memory of it and the Lord even takes away the memory of the consolation received, so that the shadows are perfect. Be calm and be certain, then, that these shadows and these temptations are not a chastisement for your sinfulness; you are neither impious nor are you blinded by your malice, but are one of the many elect that are tried as gold in the fire.”


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