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Fr. Ignatius ManfredoniaSpecials
March 31, 2008

Mar 31 – Homily Specials – Fr Ignatius: Feast of the Annunciation

  Homily #080331 ( 04min) Play - Fr Ignatius explains how the Annunciation is a paradigm for everyone's spiritual life. Ave Maria! Mass readings
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Fr. Ignatius ManfredoniaSt. Maximilian Daily
May 18, 2008

May 18 – St Maximilian – The Spiritual Life & Total Consecration

Ave Maria!-- May's Theme: Mary Mediatrix "Given that the Immaculate is the Mediatrix of all graces, then the more one draws close to Her, the more exuberant will be his spiritual life. And,…
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Fra Roderic MaryRoving Reporter
June 19, 2008

Video – Roving Reporter #40: Knights of Lepanto Spring Encampment 2008

Roving Reporter #40 - Knights of Lepanto Spring Encampment 2008 ( 11min) >>> Play Ave Maria! The Roving Reporter caught up with Thom Girard, Grand Master of the Knights of Lepanto Spring Encampment…
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