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By January 6, 2009JosephMary, No Apologies
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Ave Maria!

Today we wrap-up the Eucharistic Series! Belief in the True Presence rests firmly on Scripture, the Church Fathers, and history. To hold a "symbolic belief" is to ignore these things.

Ave Maria!

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  • Ken says:

    When our Lord was making bold statements about His Flesh and His Blood, and many of his followers, at that time, found them shocking and chose to turn and walk away, he did not run after them to “clear things up”. He did not call after them and say “Wait! I didn’t mean LITERALLY my flesh and my blood! I meant ‘like’ my flesh and blood! Spiritual food and drink… get it? Come back and I’ll start again and make it simpler, clearer and easier for you to accept and understand.” No. No attempt at all to clarify. Not so much as a mention of a glance in their direction from the Gospel account. Wouldn’t the Gospel explain how Jesus corrected them for their misunderstanding of His words if they misconstrued something He was trying to teach them? Of course. He didn’t, and that speaks volumes, and should, to all who suspect the Lord was merely exercising his “poetic license” when he refered to His Body and Blood as food and drink. When he instituted the Eucharist at The Last Supper, holding the bread and wine in His Holy Hands, he says “This IS My Body… This IS My Blood”. What could be clearer? This proclamation from the lips of a man who had healed the sick and the lame and the blind, and who had fed the multitudes and turned water to wine. Cast out demons. None of that would calculate rationally in the minds of any earthly creature either, yet they believed Him the author of these miracles and even pressed Him to produce more of the same from His Holy hands. The same Holy Hands that held the bread and the cup and said clearly “This IS My Body”. Even if some find comfort in the intellectual safehaven created by a would be metaphor theory, shouldn’t the whole of Christian try to take The Lord and Savior at His Word?

    Nice video series, Friar Joseph. Thank you. (for the video series and also for pardoning my lengthy rant!)
    Ave Maria

  • Ken says:

    It should read at the end this way; “shouldn’t the whole of Christianity”… Ave Maria

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