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Videos – FiNews #49: The New Friary in La Crosse, WI

By January 5, 2009FI Houses, Fi News
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Ave Maria!

Fra Joseph gives us a tour of the new friary in La Crosse, WI attached to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Grand Finale is the new AirMaria studio on a floor of its own. Well,  … sort of … you’ll see.

BTW this friary is a little nicer than any of ours. We’re just using it as we staff the shrine.

Ave Maria!


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  • jen says:

    The place is gorgeous! And so NEAT! 🙂 Well, selfishly I hope airmaria stays in CT … small, humble, very lived in and much closer to visit than WI!

  • Garden of Carmel says:

    Disney ending? You must be kidding! Remember – dreams do come true. You guys don’t miss anything – very clever all your little nuances. We miss Fra Joseph. Knew him from his sandals. God Bless

  • The Kerlin says:

    Fantastic video! You had us cracking up and drooling at the same time! What a beautiful place for Our Lady and her sons!

  • Rachel says:

    What fruit such great suffering has born! Ave Maria.

  • Rachel says:

    Our Lady must be so happy at how clean and neat this new friary is! : ) Shinny waxed floors! too!

  • Rachel says:

    What beautiful long hallways. They almost appear golden with the glow of the camera lights.

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