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When you’re rich…and bored.

By April 21, 2008

When you’re rich and bored you too can become an ordained minister and marry hapless couples in zany locales. Just ask his-most-honorable Sir Richard Branson.

The UK’s Daily Mail has the scoop:

Virgin Galactic boss Sir Richard Branson is planning to set yet another record ? by becoming the first man to marry a couple in space. The 58-year-old billionaire intends to conduct a ceremony 70 miles above the Earth on the first Galactic sub-orbital flight next year. He has already officiated at one wedding in mid-air. Last year he was ordained for the day in an online church to marry Virgin America marketing director Dimitrios Papadognonas and Coco Jones on a Virgin flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

I guess if you don’t recognize marriage as a sacrament instituted by God or the qualifications necessary to administer said sacrament then go for it, eh??

Boy, to have a friend like Sir Richard.

He also helped officiate at the wedding of Google co-founder Larry Page on his private island, Necker, in the Caribbean.?

For a little extra cash (the guy has to earn a living too you know) he’ll marry you AND help consummate the marriage.

A spokesman for Virgin Galactic told The Mail on Sunday: “We have had two bookings involving marriage, one to get married in space and the other for the couple to have their honeymoon in space.

What a guy, that Sir Richard. What’s next, exospheric marriage counseling?


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  • E. Gormley says:

    A lot of Christians of denominations only recognize baptism as a sacrament. A civil wedding is enough for them and a wedding on a boat or plane or island is romantic.

    Maybe Mr. Branson is just indulging in a bit of playing another role as a “captain”. It used to be quite acceptable.

    But it is indulgent in these days of fast travel and faster marriages.

    And in space you should know: “No one hears you scream” (that’s a joke).

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