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Un-natural Family Planning

By April 21, 2008

Newsbusters picked up this Washington Post article that essentially states the Catholic Church is responsible for Filipino poverty. The Washington Post’s article:

described the Church?s influence throughout the article, hinting that it had created a climate of fear in the country “An organization that is helping Espinoza [a poor Filipino woman who plans to get a contraceptive intrauterine device] agreed to introduce this reporter to her on condition that it not be named. The group?s health workers said they fear retaliation and harassment from officials in the national and city government, as well as from the Catholic Church.”(emphasis Newsbusters) He immediately mentioned after this that in 2005, the “Catholic bishops in the southern Philippines announced that they would refuse Communion to government health workers who distributed birth control devices.”

So, the Catholic Church has oppressive rules which prohibited fondling with the levers of life (contracepting) and the mean ‘ol Bishops will deny communion to those who refuse to toe the line. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. I wonder if Hollywood is on to this?

The REALLY SAD thing…

…the House of the Congress of the Philippines was considering a two-child policy for the country, similar to the one-child policy of China.

Prayers, badly needed.

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  • Miss Angela Rose says:

    Oh goodness how sad!
    I will most definitly pray for this poor country!
    Our Lady of Guadelupe intercede for us!

  • E. Gormley says:

    Ever see Children of Men or read the book? One day we just might have a de-population catastrophe. It takes many people to manufacture and deliver goods on our global network. With a food and fuel crisis on top of this mentality – we’re heading for a man-made horror.

  • quiverfull says:

    If USaid used their so called contreceptive budget to buy rice instead than there would be no issue.

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