Video – Fr Maximilian – The Cornerstone #31: Mary According to St. Francis

By October 28, 2007April 21st, 2008Fr. Maximilian Dean, The Cornerstone

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Maximilian continues his reflection on Mary in God's creative plan. In this entry, Father reaffirms Mary's exalted position through the eyes of St. Francis in his "Antiphon for the Office of the Passion" and in another of his prayers titled "Salutation to the Blessed Virgin". In these prayers, Francis highlights the fact the Mary has a unique relation to the Trinity that no other creature shares. Fr. then explains how St. Maximilian Kolbe borrowed from and deepened this insight of Francis in his own prayer of praise.

Ave Maria!

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  • Peter S. Scozzare says:

    Ave Maria! God bless you father. Thank you for your prayers and support. We pray for you on your spiritual journey to Italy and beyond. Please keep in touch.

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