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By September 20, 2007Fi News

Ave Maria!

We will be at both St. Antoninus and St. Veronica’s this weekend with a film crew, Saturday, Sept 22 and Sunday, Sept 23. At St. Antoninus in Newark, NJ, events will start at 9am Saturday with devotions in the church and then procession will start between 10:30 – 11:00 and will go through the neighborhood surrounding the Church. Four fire trucks from New Jersey will participate in the procession with those walking along with the statue. More fire companies wanted to participate but there was not enough room for parking. The Mayor of Newark may be present for the procession! Mass will be in the afternoon. There will be a Mass on Sunday (charismatic) at 10pm and veneration into the evening. Our Lady of America will leave St. Antoninus around 6pm Sunday and come to St. Veronica’s in Howell, NJ at 6:15, timed to arrive at the end of the 5pm mass. Evening will include adoration, procession, and benediction.

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