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Which “Call” to Follow?

By August 23, 2007September 13th, 2007Commentary

Those wacky protestants…

London, Aug 23, 2007 / 10:49 am (CNA).- The openly homosexual Episcopal bishop, Bishop V. Gene Robinson, has planned to enter into a civil partnership with his long-term partner just weeks before next year’s Lambeth Conference, reports the Church of England Newspaper.

Seems they all have a “call from God” they’re following.

He told the interviewer about his love for the Anglican Communion, but said he would never step down, as it would go against God’s call for his life.

He said his election was the result of his community’s vote and that he is not sure that they necessarily did the right thing. “That community tried its very best to discern the will of God, and we may be wrong, I am ready to admit to you that I cannot be sure that this is the right thing or the right time or the right way.??

He also said he believes Episcopal Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria “is following his call from God as best as he can?? in leading the campaign against gay bishops.

??I just wish he could believe I am following my call from God as best I can,” Robinson reportedly said.

I wonder which one’s right, or maybe they’re both right? God doth have a sense of humor?

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  • Oneofnine says:

    Ok, so stepping down would go against God’s call for his life yet entering a “civil partnership” wouldn’t??