Video – Fr. Angelo Geiger – Homily: Tolerance & Truth

By July 17, 2007September 3rd, 2007Fr. Angelo Geiger, Homily
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Ave Maria!

"It will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom on the day of judgment than for you.?? -from the Gospel of Matthew

What is the greatest danger to society? Is it Islam, Christianity, Secularism? Is "tolerance" the only true virtue, and does it mean mindlessly accepting all creeds and practices? When our culture leaves so many of life's fundamental questions unanswered - questions of life's meaning, purpose, morality, and destiny - where are we to turn and who are we to trust? As Chesterton once observed, religious freedom has come to mean the freedom to talk publically about everything except the most important thing: a person's religion.

Fr. Angelo implicitly toches on these foundational issues today's homily.

Ave Maria!


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