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News – Hate Crimes Bill, Censorship on the Sly

By July 17, 2007October 8th, 2022News, Religious Liberty

Ave Maria!

Please get the word out on this. There is an effort to pass a bill in the Senate that includes religious censorship and there seems to be a major effort at keeping it quiet. I did a search on “Hate Crimes”, “Hate Crime”, “S. 1105” and “Senate Bill # S.1105” on Google News and sorted by date and relevance and either came up with very few returns (less than 20) or even after ten pages I still had not found one major newspaper or TV site that is covering this, not CNN, CBS, MSNBC, not Reuters, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, nor NY Times. SILENCE. I talked to Fr. John Corapi and Theresa Tomeo on this two weeks ago and they agree, it is not being talked about. This is probably the most serious abandonment of our most fundamental founding principles of democracy, the right to Free Speech and the right to Exercise One’s Religion and no one is talking about it.

Further, it is being snuck into the Senate on a budget bill, see Life Site News excerpts:

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 13, 2007 ( – Senate Democrats will hold US troops fighting the “War on Terror” as hostages in exchange for sweeping “hate crimes” legislation if the Senate votes this week, perhaps as early as Monday [yesterday relative to this posting], to include it in the defense spending bill.

Fears of religious censorship were confirmed when…

Rep. Artur Davis, a supporter of the bill, admitted that under this law a pastor could be charged with the crime of incitement if he preached against homosexuality and a person in the congregation left church and committed a crime against a homosexual.

Given the fact that even more explicit censorship has recently been swept into law in Sweden, Netherlands, England, Australia, Germany and even neighboring Canada with Christians being convicted and facing real fines and imprisonment, this should be considered a first step toward more serious restrictions.

The truly unprecedented combination of the magnitude of these changes, the devious tactics employed and the deafening silence in the mass media is shocking! The moral issues are subjects that should be discussed in public forums in a democratic society. Liberals and conservatives must unite and stand-up. Please get this out to everyone on your email list and contact your Senator to stop this censorship! See links below.

Come to think of it, email your newspaper and TV editor and ask, “Why the silence??!!”

Fra Roderic Mary


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