Video – Golden Thread #2 – Ven. Maria of Agreda and Vatican II

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Ave Maria!

Watch this video by Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, FI, STD as he gives a short biography of Mother Mary of Agreda and how her Marian theology, which is so often portrayed as being opposed to Vatican II, is actually very much in line with it, anticipating the Council by 300 years.

Fr. Peter highlights a new book on this subject, Venerable Mother Agreda and the Mariology of Vatican II by Enrique Llamas, OCD, STD of the International Pontifical Marian Academy, which has been published by the Academy of the Immaculate. A heated discussion on this topic is being carried on at Mark Shea's blog under the post "... skeptical that ... 'Mary suffered no birth pains'". A comment by Sandra Miesel of Crisis Magazine about halfway down the comment stack started it off.

PDF samples of our new book are available online: the Table of Contents and Foreward (pp i-xii)

English translations of Mother Mary of Agreda's works can be purchased from Tan Books.

Ave Maria!

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