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By December 9, 2006June 24th, 2008Fr. Peter Fehlner, Spirit, Faith and Family
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Ave Maria!

Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, FI, STD Discusses the dogma of the Virgin Birth of Jesus. This was filmed three years ago at Nacepf courtesy of John Primeau. This subject continues to be hotly discussed at Mark Shea's Blog.

Ave Maria!

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  • Evan Georgeson says:

    Fr Peter is mesmorizing. It is a shame that I cannot fully enjoy all that he speaks about because he’s so theological and complex. I wasn’t sure how this interview was going to go when Mr Primeau seemed to be endorsing the idea of Mary suffering childbirth. I also wonder what bible he was using to quote The Apocalypse 12:1-2. My Douay-Rheims translation was much more enlightening particularly given the fact those two verses are somewhat explained as a footnote.