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Raymond de Souza

Video – Coredemption Conference: Raymond de Souza

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
Click to Play Video
Short Video Series #7 – Raymond de Souza starts off the Coredemption Conference on a beautiful fall morning in Indianapolis (43min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

So here’s the first talk given at the Coredemption Conference held on Saturday 13th October 2007, at Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church, Greenwood, Indiana. Raymond de Souza had the honor of being the first speaker (or was it really an honor?) – we’ve taken the switched feed backup tape, fixed a few minor switching errors (no names mentioned!), re-captured the audio from the source tapes, and stitched this show together – please enjoy!

We will be trying to post one episode a week for the next several weeks until we have the whole Conference re-run. We will also make these talks available in podcasts, i.e. in MP3 format to download for use in MP3 players etc. – stay tuned.

Raymond has a brand new series now showing on EWTN – check it out Mondays at 11:00am, and Thursdays at 2:30am.

Raymond de Souza's new series on EWTN

Raymond de Souza’s Coredemption Conference Talk in MP3 format for iPods, MP3 Players, etc.

To download MP3 file, right-click on “Download” and then select “Save Link As…”

Ave Maria!


Video – Raymond de Souza: Christ’s Uniqueness and Western Contraception

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
Spirit, Faith and Family #16 – Host John Primeau with guest Raymond de Souza (27min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Is it true that one religion is no better than the other? How is Christ unique?

All founders of religion claim that they teach the truth about God. In this episode, Raymond de Souza discusses the unique claims Christ made as the founder of Christianity. Has any other founder of a world religion claimed to be one with God? Was the birth of any other religious founder pre-announced hundreds of years beforehand by various men living in different ages? Has any other founder of (more…)

Announcement – Raymond de Souza’s New Series on EWTN

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Ave Maria!

Don’t miss our friend Raymond de Souza on his new series at EWTN, Jesus Christ True God and True Man discussing the solid basis for the claims of Christ’s divinity and miracles.

Show times are:
Mondays at 5:30 PM
Thursdays 2:30 AM (EST)

See Raymond’s Australian site at http://saintgabriel.com.au/

Ave Maria!

Video – Raymond de Souza: Catechism on the Eucharist

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
Spirit, Faith and Family #14 – Raymond deSouza on the Bread of Angels (26min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

When the priest says to us at the altar, “The Body of Christ,?? do we really know what (Who) we’re receiving? In this episode, guest Raymond deSouza gives a powerful catechism on the Eucharist in the hopes of reevanglizing baptized Catholics. During His earthly ministry, Christ performed many miracles, then asked for one act of faith: “Believe in the Eucharist because I ask you to.?? Unlike a lot of priests & even bishops today, Christ was not afraid of losing the entire congregation when He taught on the Eucharist. Raymond also gives a fascinating explanation & answer to a question posed by host John Primeau: “Why is the body of the dead incensed during a funeral mass??? Hint: it’s also tied into the reality of the Eucharist.

Ave Maria!

Video – Raymond de Souza: Catechism on Good & Evil & the Rise of Satanism

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
Spirit, Faith and Family #15 – Guest Raymond deSouza talks with host John Primeau (26min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

When we reject Christ, does it mean that we simply stop attending church services? What are the consequences of making ourselves gods? In this episode of Spirit, Faith, & Family, guest Raymond deSouza discusses the nature of good and evil, the rise of Satanism in our modern times, & the need for Catholics to put on the “armor of God?? as described by the apostle Paul. Raymond expounds on the fact that evil is not the product of a lack of education or merely the absence of good: evil is a spirit who is perverted & who perverts, & whos proper name is Satan. As the Devil knows, “The best way to crush an enemy is not to beat him on the battlefield, but to remove from him the will to fight.?? Listen now to Raymond as he explains to us the nature of our battle & the tools we must use to fight.

Ave Maria!

Video – Raymond de Souza: Calling the Laity to the Front Lines

Friday, April 13th, 2007
Spirit, Faith and Family #13 – John Primeau hosts layman & apologist Raymond de Souza (26min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Our vision of reality is what makes the difference in our lives: we are either mediocre, somewhat average, or Catholic. On this episode, John talks with wonderful apologist and layman Raymond de Souza on the proper and powerful role of “the people in the pews??. Born in Brazil and now living in France, Raymond shares the story of his calling and gives many pearls of wisdom and encouragement to his listeners. One of the great graces he received was recognizing the power of the sacrament of Confirmation & it’s mission to move him (and us) from the rank of citizen to the rank of soldier in the kingdom of Christ. [Visit Rayomnd’s website: saintgabriel.com.au/ ]

Ave Maria!