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The Victory of Christ and His Cross over Evil

One Minute Meditation

  It is impossible to think of the limit placed by God himself upon the various forms of evil without reference to the mystery of Redemption. Could the mystery of Redemption be the response to that his­torical evil which, in different forms, continually recurs in human affairs? Is it also the response to the evil of our own day? It can seem that the evil of con­centration camps, of gas chambers, of police cruelty, of total war, and of oppressive regimes – evil which, among other things, systematically contradicts the message of the cross – it can seem, I say, that such evil is more powerful than any good. Yet if we look more closely at the history of those peoples and nations who have endured the trial of totalitarian sys­tems and persecutions on account of faith, we dis­cover that this is precisely where the victorious presence of Christ’s cross is most clearly revealed. Against such a dramatic background, that presence may be even more striking. To those who are sub­jected to systematic evil, there remains only Christ and his cross as a source of spiritual self-defense, as a promise of victory.   

Venerable Pope John Paul II