Fr. Angelo GeigerHomily
December 15, 2006

Video – Homily #1: Our Lady Queen of the Seraphic Order

Homily Video #1 - Our Lady Queen of the Seraphic Order >>> Play Ave Maria! On the Feast of Our Lady Queen of the Seraphic Order Fr. Angelo gives a homily on the…
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Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, AdvocateDr. Mark Miravalle
July 25, 2007

Video – Mediation in New Testament – #6 Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate – Miravalle

Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate #6 - Dr. Miravalle demonstrates Mary's mediation in the New Testament >>> Play Ave Maria! Dr Mark Miravalle explains the meaning of the wedding at Cana in Scripture, and how…
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Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
August 20, 2007

Video – Fra Joseph – No Apologies #18: Idolatry and Rosary

No Apologies #18 - Fra Joseph on Images of Mary and the Rosary (6min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Two Marian objections are dealt with on this weeks vlog. The first is that Catholics…
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Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, AdvocateDr. Mark Miravalle
September 8, 2007

Video – Overview of Titles – #10 Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, & Advocate -Miravalle

Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate #10 - Dr. Miravalle Gives a Summary of the Titles. (7min) >>> Play ? ? ? Ave Maria! This week Dr. Miravalle gives us a wonderfully understandable summary of the…
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NewsOur Lady of America
September 25, 2007

Video – News: Visitation of Our Lady of America to St. Veronica’s in Howell, NJ

News #3 - Fr. Angelo's Homily gives the audio background as Our Lady of America is processed to St. Veronica's (17min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Fr. Angelo Geiger, FI gives a homily at…
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Benedict XVIDr. Mark MiravalleMarycast SpecialsNews
February 16, 2008

Video – Dr Mark Miravalle – MaryCast Specials #1: Pope Benedict XVI Talks About The Role of Mary in The Project of Salvation

Marycast Specials #1 ( 10min) Play - During the 16th World Day of the Sick on February 11, The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI gives his strongest statement yet on the direct participation…
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Dr. Mark MiravalleMarycast
March 5, 2008

Video – Dr Mark Miravalle – MaryCast #9: Daughter Zion & the Queen Mother

Marycast #9 ( 11min) Play - "Daughter Zion, the Ark of the covenant, Queen Mother, the Mother of Maccabees. How many different ways does God reveal in a hidden form, his greatest masterpiece…
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Dr. Mark MiravalleMarycast
March 8, 2008

Video – Dr Mark Miravalle – MaryCast #10: Strong Women of the Old Testament

Marycast #10 ( 9min) Play - There are several women in the Old Testament that, in their persons, revealed something about Our Lady. Dr Mark Miravalle uses some of the prominent "strong women"…
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Ave Maria MeditationsJosephMary
July 16, 2008

The Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne: “Song from the Scaffold”

July 17th: Feast of the Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne Blessed Teresa of Sf. Augustine and Companions (1794) It is fitting that these Carmelite Martyrs would give their lives in witness to the Holy…
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Fr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
November 21, 2008

Nov 21 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Presentation of Mary

Homily #081121 ( 07min) Play - At the evening Mass on the Feast of the Presentation of Mary, celebrated as a sung Traditional Latin Mass, Fr. Ignatius preaches on the significance of this…
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