Fr. Angelo GeigerHomily
June 8, 2008

Jun 08 – Homily – Fr Angelo: I did not come to call the righteous but sinners

Homily #080608 ( 15min) Play - In this segment of homilies Fr. Angelo reflects on Our Lord's dialogue with the Pharisees and His correction of their errors, when He says: " I did…
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Dr. Mark MiravalleMarycast
March 9, 2010

Video – Vatican Forum on Coredemption – Dr. Miravalle: Mcast126

Marycast #126 ( 10min) Play - On March 25th, 2010, Feast of the Annunciation, a Day of Dialogue will be held in Rome on the timeliness of a papal declaration of the 5th…
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Anti-CatholicismBenedict XVIFrom the WebPolitics
December 20, 2010

Vatican denounces the “intransigent religious intolerance” of the Chinese Government

December 17, 2010. The Vatican has accused China of oppressing religious freedom and says that attempts to control the conscience of its citizens and interfere in the internal affairs of the Catholic Church…
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Marian NewsNews
April 28, 2018

Jordan’s Muslims and Christians unite to celebrate Virgin Mary

Ave Maria!  I hope you enjoy this article from The Arab Weekly about how the king of Jordan is seeking greater peace and harmony between Christians and Muslims in his country and worldwide.  The…
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Fr. Matthias SaskoHomilyNew Bedford, MA
August 7, 2018

Dialogue with Leaders, Right and Duty of Faithful – Aug 07 – Homily – Fr Matthias

  In the homily for the memorial of Franciscan martyrs Blesseds Agathangelus and Cassian (Aug 07), Fr. Matthias explains that dialogue in the Church shouldn't be just a euphemism for dissent from decisions…
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Fr. Alan WhartonHomilyNew Bedford, MA
August 20, 2018

The Church in Crisis Needs Saints – Aug 20 – Homily – Fr Alan

  In the homily for the memorial of St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Abbot and Doctor of the Church, Aug 20) Fr. Alan explains that the Church, once again mired in sexual abuse allegations, needs…
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