Fr. Ignatius ManfredoniaHomily
September 30, 2008

Sep 30 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Suffering is Conquered

Homily #080930 ( 03min) Play - On this Memorial of St. Jerome, priest and doctor of the Church, Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, FI preaches on the mystery of suffering and how it is conquered…
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Fr. TitoHomilySt. Mary's, Baltic, CT
April 1, 2012

Apr 01 – Homily – Fr Tito: Jesus Conquers With Humility

Homily #120401t ( 08min) Play - Sin is a grain of sand next to the mountain of Christ mercy. Humility is the power in the kingdom of God. Ave Maria! Mass: Palm Sunday…
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January 25, 2020

Fr. Vincent Lampert – Peace & Joy, Christ is Victor! – Necessity of Exorcists #5 of 5 – CONF 524

Ave Maria! Fr. Vincent Lampert gives his fifth and final talk at our conference on exorcism in January 2020 on the need for exorcists in the Church where he describes the peace and…
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