Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
August 13, 2007

Video – Fra Joseph – No Apologies #17: “Mariolatry”

No Apologies #17 - Adoration vs. Veneration (4min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Do Catholics commit "Mariolotry" The key to understanding the truth which underlies Catholics devotion to Mary is to be willing to…
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Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
March 10, 2008

Video – No Apologies #36: Claims of Divinity

No Apologies #36 - There is no doubt about Christ's claims. ( 06min) >>> Play ? ? ? Ave Maria! Today we look at 3 ways in which Christ claimed to be divine:…
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FI HousesFi NewsPrayer
October 18, 2008

Our Lady’s Chapel (FI) New Bedford in the News

Ave Maria! Fr. Dominic F.I. and Our Lady's Chapel in New Bedford were featured in the local newspaper the Standard Times today. The 6th Anniversary of their Eucharistic Adoration program was spotlighted. Here…
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Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
December 9, 2008

Video – No Apologies #66 – Arguments For The True Presence

No Apologies #66 - All the churches which split before the Reformation still believe in the True Presence!  ( 05min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Here are 3 reasonable arguments for defending the True…
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