Video – No Apologies #66 – Arguments For The True Presence

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Ave Maria!

Here are 3 reasonable arguments for defending the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Ave Maria!

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  • Rodney Working says:

    I just wanted to let all of you who work for this site what a great work you are doing, and thank you all!
    I’m what my wife calls a shutin for I quite my job so I could stay home and care for my elderly Mother (83 yrs) so I don’t get out much so thank again for all the work. God bless you all.

  • Martin Stuart says:

    This video, together with video 58, has helped me. I’d long thought that surely Jesus has been misunderstood by the Church hierarchy and that surely he meant what he said symbolically. It’s great to hear detailed, clear arguments challenging my uninformed thinking. They help me question myself.

    Dare I pose the question though: WHY would Jesus do this?

  • Fra Joseph says:

    Because He loves us and wants to remain with us through this “valley of tears.”

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