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November 28, 2007

Video – Face of Pro-Life#14: Witness, Healing from Abortion Part 2

Face of Pro-Life #14 - Lisa Martin finishes her testimony with host Corinn Dahm. (29min) >>> Play Ave Maria! Lisa Martin continues her moving testimony of her conversion from being a pro-choice practitioner…
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December 5, 2007

The Good News on the Culture Wars

Yes, Fr. Angelo did give a bit of bad news yesterday, that Quark Express founder Tim Gill is well funded and using a clever strategy to attack marriage, a chilling wake-up call indeed,?but?Fr.…
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Fr. Angelo GeigerNewsPolitics
December 10, 2007

In Season and Out

When was the last time you heard a major candidate for president of the United States say something like this? The reason we have so much government is because we have so much…
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January 4, 2008

Audio – FiNews: Mother Mary Maximiliana Vocational Story

FI News #29 - Mother Mary Maximiliana and the Sisters at Bloomington Indiana (29min) >>> Play ? ? ? Ave Maria! Mother Maximiliana, who was superior of the FI Sisters in Bloomington at…
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Corinn DahmFace of Pro-LifePro-Life
February 16, 2008

Video – Face of Pro-Life #21: Dr Elizabeth Rex, Children First Foundation

Face of Pro-Life #21 - Dr Elizabeth Rex speaks of the Children First Foundation ( 29min) Play Ave Maria! Dr. Elizabeth Rex, President of the Children First Foundation, discusses how the purpose of…
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Corinn DahmFace of Pro-LifePro-Life
March 2, 2008

Video – Face of Pro-Life #23: Darlene Wagner, End of Life Care

Face of Pro-Life #23 - Darlene Wagner discusses end of life issues ( 30min) >>> Play Ave Maria! In this episode, one of the Producers of The Face of Pro-Life, Darlene Wagner, shares…
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