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The Good News on the Culture Wars

By December 5, 2007March 1st, 2019Family, News, Politics

Yes, Fr. Angelo did give a bit of bad news yesterday, that Quark Express founder Tim Gill is well funded and using a clever strategy to attack marriage, a chilling wake-up call indeed,?but?Fr. Angelo?also gives us the good news and how to take action:?here and here?on his vlog Mary Victrix. The?good news is the?National Organization for Marriage?(NOM) which was founded and is headed?by Brian Brown who is a fellow Knight of Lepanto and is using the very same strategy as Tim Gill, supporting key local battles throughout the nation. As many of us know the current key battles are in the North East?in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut?and New Jersey. Here is a Massachusetts’s billboard funded by NOM to let people know that a local politician failed to support his pro-marriage constituents in a key vote.

Certainly, Tim Gill is better funded, but that is just a matter of?donations.

Ave Maria!



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  • sonopa says:

    Hi Brian,

    A side note…

    I wanted to let you know people have noticed your billboard message. Read more if you want to know the context.

    I was on my way to work, listening to a sports reporter on a Springfield station. Apparently, this big time sports journalist sided with a Steelers player in suggesting the Pats would suffer their first loss this weekend. According to the reporter, the journalist is an avid Pats fan and Brady admirer. Yet, he is siding with the “enemy.???

    In speaking of the journalist, the reporter said “Who does he (the journalist) think he is???? Then, the reporter proceeded to compare the journalist to the three people on your billboard, in the same order…

  • BillG says:

    Do the good brothers value their tax exempt status? If so, I’d highly recommend that you steer away from advocating for or against political candidates – or organizations that do so. This is a very, very fine line.

  • sonopa says:

    BillG – how are you?

    The good brothers had nothing to do neither with the sign nor with my comments.

    I am not sure if you addressed your recommendation to me, but, as an overtaxed and legally naturalized citizen, I feel the fine line is about 3000 miles wide…Am I mistaken?

    I hope you are doing well.

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