New Vatican Norms on Apparitions: Can Heaven Still Speak? – Mary Live with Dr. Mark Miravalle

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Don't miss this must-see video on Dr. Mark Miravalle's commentary on the new Vatican norms for discerning Private Revelation, as Dr. Miravalle explains: "Bishops can no longer declare apparitions supernatural, but that doesn't mean Heaven can no longer speak supernaturally."

Dr. Mark Miravalle discusses the new Vatican norms for evaluating private revelations, presented by Cardinal Fernandez of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith on May 17th, 2024. He emphasizes the importance of obedience to these norms, which were approved by the Holy Father. While acknowledging some strengths in the document, such as aiding bishops in addressing false apparitions, he also highlights weaknesses, particularly the removal of the possibility for local bishops or the Dicastery to declare something as of supernatural origin, leaving this only to the Holy Father in exceptional cases. This change might unintentionally convey a message of skepticism towards private revelations.

Dr. Miravalle points out historical inaccuracies in the examples provided by Cardinal Fernandez, specifically regarding the apparitions in Syracuse and Amsterdam. He stresses the importance of balancing caution with openness, as taught by the Second Vatican Council, and references biblical teachings on evaluating prophets by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-20). He critiques the six new prudential conclusions for lacking clarity and consistency with biblical teachings.

Dr. Miravalle also raises concerns about the potential for delays and centralized decision-making in the Vatican, which could bottleneck the evaluation process. He concludes by emphasizing the need for discernment and openness to private revelations, citing historical examples of misjudged revelations like Divine Mercy and Padre Pio. He quotes Acts 5:38-39 - Gamaliel's counsel on discernment - and Saint John XXIII on heeding the warnings of the Mother of God. He ends with a prayer to the Lady of All Nations, approved by Bishop Hendriks.

Here are the former three Categories of Church discernments on private revelation

  1. Constat de Supernaturalitate: Confirms that the phenomenon has a supernatural origin.

  2. Non Constat de Supernaturalitate: Indicates that the supernatural character cannot be established but remains open to further investigation.

  3. Constat de Non Supernaturalitate: Declares that the phenomenon does not have a supernatural origin, leading to its prohibition.

Here are the six new categories:

  1. Nihil Obstat: Indicates no significant risks have been detected, acknowledging positive signs of the Holy Spirit, encouraging pastoral appreciation and promotion of the spiritual experience.

  2. Prae Oculis Habeatur: Recognizes important positive signs but also some confusion and potential risks, requiring careful discernment and doctrinal clarification by the diocesan bishop.

  3. Curator: Notes significant critical elements but also verifiable spiritual fruits, advising against a ban while recommending alternative expressions of devotion.

  4. Sub Mandato: Highlights critical issues related to misuse by individuals or groups, requiring the bishop's oversight without dismissing the phenomenon itself.

  5. Prohibetur et Obstruatur: Identifies serious risks associated with the phenomenon, leading to a public prohibition to prevent further confusion or scandal.

  6. Declaratio de Non Supernaturalitate: Declares the phenomenon non-supernatural based on concrete evidence of fabrication or erroneous intentions.

Bible References:

  1. Matthew 7:15-20 - A good tree produces good fruit. A bad tree does not produce good fruit. -

  2. Acts 5:38-39 - Be careful. If something is of human origin, it will fail. If something is of God, it will not fail. -

Catechism References:

  1. CCC 66 - No new public revelation until Christ's return. -

  2. CCC 67 - Private revelations do not belong to the deposit of faith. -

  3. CCC 1257 - Baptism essential for salvation, mandated by Christ, Church-focused. -

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0:00 - Introduction
0:04 - Vatican Norms on Private Revelations
0:24 - Cardinal Fernandez’s Presentation
0:36 - Obedience to Vatican Norms
1:12 - Changeable Nature of Norms
1:56 - Strengths of the Document
4:00 - Identifying False Apparitions
7:00 - Issues with Current Norms
9:40 - Lack of Supernatural Declaration
16:00 - Historical Examples and Errors
24:00 - New Categories for Evaluation
36:00 - Centralization Concerns
38:52 - Importance of Discernment

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