Faith, Love, and the Path to Heaven – Apr 10 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence

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Fr John Lawrence gives the homily at Bloomington, IN, on Apr 10, 2024, on God's unconditional love and the necessity of faith demonstrated through charity, inviting us to bring light to the darkness around us by following Christ.

In today's homily, Father discusses the boundless love of God as shown in John 3:16, where it's stated that God gave His only Son for the salvation of the world, highlighting the theme of sacrificial love and the necessity of faith for salvation. This love isn't deterred by the world's unworthiness but is an invitation to transformation through acceptance and belief in Jesus Christ. Father emphasizes that belief in Christ is not mere words but is manifested through acts of charity, as faith without works is dead, James 2:26. The rejection of Christ is due to a preference for sin and darkness over the light of Christ, who is the light of the world as per John 8:12, offering redemption and beauty to our fallen nature.

The homily also references the apostles' miraculous liberation from prison, showcased as a testament to divine intervention and the folly of the Sadducees' disbelief in angels, which contradicts Acts 5:19-20. This act of deliverance underscores God's responsiveness to the suffering of the righteous and His capability to save, as echoed in Psalms, particularly Psalm 34:17. Father concludes with a call to emulate the apostles and Christ in bringing light to darkness and seeing beyond the sinfulness of our neighbors, recognizing their potential for transformation through God's grace.

This narrative is intertwined with biblical references such as:

John 3:16 - God's love demonstrated through the gift of His Son for the world's salvation -
James 2:26 - Faith without works is dead -
John 8:12 - Jesus as the light of the world -
Acts 5:19-20 - The angel freeing the apostles -
Psalm 34:17 - The Lord hears the cry of the righteous -

For Further Reading from the Catechism:

CCC 161 - Faith is necessary for salvation. -
CCC 1822 - Charity, the form of all virtues, binds everything together in perfect harmony. -
CCC 2447 - The spiritual works of mercy include comforting the sorrowful and forgiving injuries, reflecting Christ's love for the unlovable. -

00:00 - Introduction to Jesus' Message to Nicodemus
00:12 - The Gift of God's Only Begotten Son for Salvation
00:31 - Embracing Sacrifice for Love and Salvation
01:39 - Faith as the Foundation of Christian Life
02:45 - The Human Struggle with Sin and Its Consequences
03:34 - Christ: The Light That Reveals and Transforms
04:33 - The Apostles' Miraculous Deliverance and Witness
06:00 - Apostles Facing Darkness with Christ's Light

Ave Maria!

Mass: Wednesday 2nd Week of Easter - Wkdy
Readings:  -
1st: act 5:17-26
Resp: psa 34:2-9
Gsp: joh 3:16-21

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