Christ Prefigured by Jeremiah – Feb 28 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence

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Fr John Lawrence gives the homily at Bloomington, IN, on Feb 28, 2024, on how Jerimiah prefigures Christ by the nature of his ministry, as well as how he was betrayed and killed, and how these similarities shed light on our own need to not get sidetracked into finding comfort, glory, and reward in this temporal life, but rather keep focused on eternal life and serving God.

Father highlights the parallels between Jeremiah and Jesus, emphasizing their roles as sacrificial lambs, betrayal by close ones, and persecution leading to death. He explains how Jeremiah's experiences prefigure Jesus' life, showcasing the struggles they both faced due to their dedication to God's word despite opposition. This comparison extends to modern-day challenges where truth is often opposed by falsehoods, and the Church faces slander from ideologues and heretics, driven not by human adversaries but by demonic influences. He further delves into the apostles' misunderstanding of Christ's kingdom, contrasting worldly ambitions with the spiritual service and sacrifice Jesus exemplified. Father discusses the concept of the "chalice" or "cup" of suffering, illustrating how both James and John, despite their differing fates, embraced their participation in Christ's passion. This ties into the broader Christian call to follow in Jesus' footsteps, accepting suffering in pursuit of eternal glory, rather than seeking comfort and accolades in the present world. We must invoke Our Lady's support for believers to have the strength and courage to emulate Jesus' path to salvation.

00:00 - Introduction: Jeremiah, Jesus, and Prayer
00:09 - Prophetic Parallels and Betrayals
01:03 - Foreshadowing of Resurrection and Suffering
01:44 - False Accusations: From Heresy to Ideologies
02:23 - The Church's Battle: Beyond the Physical
03:01 - The Apostles' Worldly Challenges and Divine Service
04:06 - Embracing Suffering: The Chalice of Sacrifice
05:37 - Following Christ: The Journey to Eternal Glory

Ave Maria!

Mass: Wednesday 2nd Week of Lent - Wkdy
Readings:  -
1st: jer 18:18-20
Resp: psa 31:5-6, 14-16
Gsp: mat 20:17-28

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