Are You Doing Lent with your Mother? – Mary Live with Dr. Mark Miravalle

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Ave Maria!

Many people are experiencing intense suffering, sickness, and trials. How can we make appropriate Lenten sacrifices on top of everything else? Join Dr. Mark Miravalle for the answer in this week's Mary Live.

Dr. Mark Miravalle talks about how tough life can get, especially during Lent, when we're expected to take on extra sacrifices. He shares how, despite people breaking promises with God throughout history, God kept making new ones because He wants us all to be with Him forever. He points out that in every major promise God made (like with Adam, Noah, and Abraham), there was always an important woman involved, leading up to Mary, Jesus's mom, playing a crucial role in the ultimate promise. Miravalle suggests that during Lent, we should team up with Mary. She gets what we're going through and can help us figure out the best way to make sacrifices without making our lives harder. The point of Lent, he says, is to end up loving Jesus and others more, not just to give stuff up. He wraps up by reminding us that loving each other is key, just like John the Evangelist said, and encourages praying for global graces through Mary.

00:00 – Introduction and Acknowledgment of Suffering
00:45 – The Role of Divine Mercy and Covenants
01:30 – The Importance of the Heavenly Father's Mercy
02:46 – Overview of Old Testament Covenants
04:16 – The Significance of the Ark and its Symbolism
05:28 – Transition from Old to New Covenant through Jesus
07:58 – Jesus as the New Adam and His Temptation
09:30 – Mary's Role in Redemption and Covenants
10:39 – Lenten Practices and the Role of Our Lady
12:01 – Adapting Lenten Sacrifices with Guidance from Mary
15:00 – The True Goal of Lent: Love and Conversion
17:16 – Concluding Thoughts and the Power of Love

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