Jesus Does Miracles with Our Meager Offerings – Feb 10 – Homily – Fr Alan

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Fr Alan gives the homily at New Bedford, on Feb 10, 2024, explaining how the multiplication of the loaves and fishes prefigures the miracle not only of the Eucharist, but also the mystery of the Church. With finite, fallible human cooperation, Christ works the ongoing miracle of Redemption. The gift of the Apostles and disciples that supplied the natural material for the miraculous multiplication is an image of the co-redemptive action of the Church that will continue until Christ comes again.

Ave Maria!

Mass: St. Scholastica - Mem -
Readings: Saturday 5th Week of Ordinary Time -
1st: 1ki 12:26-32, 13:33-34
Resp: psa 106:6-7, 19-20, 21-22 0
Gsp: mar 8:1-10

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