St. John Damascene vs. The Iconoclasts – Dec 04 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence

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Fr John Lawrence gives the homily at Bloomington, IN, on Dec 04, 2023, on the life and theological contributions of St. John Damascene, an Arab Christian monk and theologian.

St. John Damascene was born in Damascus under Muslim rule, St. John initially worked for the Caliph before becoming a monk and dedicating his life to theology. He gave a rigorous and thorough defense of the veneration of religious images during the iconoclast controversy. He argued for the legitimacy of religious images based on the Incarnation, stating that since God has been seen in the flesh, it is now permissible to depict Him. St. John also wrote a comprehensive work on Christian theology, including criticisms of Islam and a detailed summary of Christian beliefs. He wrote homilies on the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, emphasizing her role and significance in Christian theology. St. John Damascene was declared a doctor of the Church in 1890 by Pope Leo XIII.

Catholic Encyclopedia - Detailed biography of St. John Damascene -

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Mass: St. John Damascene - Opt Mem -
Readings: Monday in the 1st Week in Advent (Short) -
1st: isa 4:2-6
Resp: psa 122:1-4, 8-9
Gsp: mat 8:5-11

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