St Elizabeth Protectress of the 3rd Order and the Poor – Nov 17 – Homily – Fr John Lawrence

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Fr John Lawrence gives the homily at Bloomington, IN, on Nov 17, 2023, on the life of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, protector of the Third Order Franciscans.

St. Elizabeth was born in 1207 to King Andrew II of Hungary, she was betrothed at a young age to Louis of Thuringia. Exhibiting piety from childhood, she shunned courtly extravagance for humble devotion and charity. She married Louis, who became Landgrave at 16, and they had three children. Elizabeth was dedicated to serving the needy, building a hospital, and personally aiding the poor and sick. She was deeply influenced by Franciscan spirituality, even receiving a cloak from St. Francis himself.

After Louis's death in 1227, Elizabeth faced trials, including being expelled from her home and living in poverty with her children. Her resilience shone through as she continued to serve the poor, building a hospital with her dowry. Her spiritual journey, marked by poverty and service, ended when she died at 24, leaving a legacy of virtue in every stage of her life.

00:00 - Introduction
00:17 - Betrothed at Age 4
00:51 - Humble Charity from Early Age
01:54 - Louis Recognizes Her Virtue as Ideal Wife
02:26 - Caring for Sick and Poor in Husband's Lands
03:41 - Entering Franciscan Third Order
04:45 - Miracles Confirm Her Holiness
06:22 - Aiding Starving People During Husband's Absence
07:57 - Banished and Homeless After Husband's Death
09:11 - Vowing Continence and Poverty as Widow
10:03 - Last Years Serving Poor Before Early Death

Ave Maria!

Mass: St. Elizabeth of Hungary - Feast -
Readings:  -
1st: sir 26:1-3, 15-18, 24
Resp: psa 31:3-5, 8-9, 20, 24-25
Gsp: mat 25:31-40

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