Mary: Praying for Souls and Priestly Calling

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Ave Maria!

Fr Matthias gives the talk at our First Saturday devotion on the need to pray for souls in purgatory as a devotion to Mary and then the vocation story of a priest who first rejected the call to the priesthood when directly asked by God but accepted it and even thirsted for the priesthood when asked by Mary

Consoling the heart of Our Lady and receiving consolation from her. Two parts: the first part explains how to offer consolation to Our Lady by obtaining indulgences for souls in purgatory, especially in the first eight days of November. This is accomplished by visiting a cemetery and praying for the deceased, along with meeting other conditions like confession, communion, and prayers for the Pope, with a complete detachment from even venial sin. The second part Father narrates a story of a priest, Father X, who initially resisted his calling to priesthood but later embraced it through the intercession of Our Lady. His resistance to God's will was transformed into acceptance and eagerness when Our Lady communicated the same will to him. This story illustrates how Our Lady doesn't change God's will but changes our attitude towards it. The takeaway from the reflection emphasizes that devotion to Our Lady can lead us to embrace God's will with joy and fervor.

00:00 – Introduction to Consolation with Our Lady
00:24 – Part One: Offering Consolation to Our Lady
00:42 – Releasing Souls from Purgatory in November
01:00 – Conditions for Gaining Indulgences
02:02 – The Importance of Detachment from Sin
03:32 – Part Two: Receiving Consolation from Our Lady
03:45 – The Story of a Priest's Devotion to Our Lady
06:02 – The Impact of Family on Vocation
07:11 – The Turning Point at Marian University
08:03 – Our Lady's Role in Accepting God's Will
09:59 – The Struggle with Vocation and Faith
12:00 – Rediscovering Faith and Purpose Through Our Lady

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