Marian Day, Fall 2023 – True Devotion – Fr. Thomas Haan

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Ave Maria!

Listen to this inspirational talk by Fr. Thomas Haan from the Diocese of Lafayette as he gives the first talk for our Fall Marian Day of Reflection on the

Fr. Haan reflects on the significance of the Marian Day of Reflection coinciding with the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, elaborating on the importance of the Rosary and Mary's revelations at Fatima. He then mentions Fr. Patrick Payton's global advocacy for family prayers and the Rosary. He then broadens the discussion to the role and qualities of devotion to Mary in Catholic faith, underlined by scriptural references and church tradition, and cautions against superficial or misdirected devotion, stressing the importance of understanding and adhering to the four dogmas of Mary in Catholic doctrine.

He references St. Louis de Montfort's work on true devotion to Mary, highlighting Montfort’s classification of false devotions and the characteristics of true devotion—interior, tender, holy, constant, and disinterested. The discussion transitions to Father John Hardon’s six norms for true devotion: thinking of, reading about, talking about, speaking to, invoking, and striving to imitate Mary. He emphasizes the need for a sincere, well-informed devotion, which should lead to a deeper relationship with Mary, aiding the faithful in navigating challenges both within the church and in the world. Through such devotion, and particularly through the Rosary, they advocate for a continued focus on Jesus, embodying Mary's humility and virtues to foster a living embodiment of Christ's presence on Earth.

John Hardon's six norms for true devotion:

  1. Think of her often

  2. Reading about her regularly

  3. Talk about her, flows from the first two

  4. Speak to her, converse

  5. Invoking Her often

  6. Strive to imitate her, she is the exemplar, paragon of discipleship

00:00 - Introduction
00:39 - Proper Understanding of Marian Devotion
01:37 - Avoiding Faulty Marian Devotions
05:12 - Qualities of True Marian Devotion
08:15 - Six Norms of Authentic Marian Devotion
10:06 - Thinking About and Speaking with Mary
13:16 - Invoking Mary's Intercession
15:20 - Imitating Mary's Virtues
17:10 - Keeping Eyes on Mary Amidst the Waves
18:04 - Continuing Christ's Presence Through Humility
20:11 - Rosary Connects it All in Marian Devotion

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