Franciscan Spirituality #10: Origins to Francis, Part 7 – Feb 27 – Homily – Fr Terrance

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Fr Terrance gives the homily at Bloomington, IN, on Mar 02, 2023, on the spirituality of St Bernard, with its focus on the humanity of Christ, which made him an immediate spiritual precursor of Franciscan Spirituality.

St Bernard developed the "Science of the heart" as a reformer and a master of the spiritual life.

b. 1090 - d. 1153

Monastic Ascetical with poverty and mortification

3 aspects of his spirituality - 1 active psychological collaboration of man with God - 2 spiritual progress by longing for God - 3 Focus on the love of God, the human passion for God to excel toward him,

Devotion to the humanity of Christ and devotion to Mary

mystic by temperament but ascetical

embrace the Liturgical seasons  of Christmas and Good Friday, and Easter

Imitating Christ through love of Christ

The influence went beyond monasteries but was primarily a reform of the monastic life.

Still missing some Franciscan elements

sees Christ outside of the soul and not identifying with Christ, like St John and St Paul,

St Paul Gal 2: 20 - "I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me" -

Summary of Pre-Franciscan Spirituality:

Christian spirituality before St. Francis focused on Synoptics, self-abnegation

Mystic and contemplative of St John and St Paul not developed in the monastic era before Francis

Love, Charity is not central

But starting to come forth in Augustine and Bernard

St Francis combines the abnegation of the previous era and the following of Christ out of love for Him that was now taking hold.

And out of love for God loves all people and creation as exemplified in the hymn All Creatures of our God and King

This is a continuation of his series of homilies on Franciscan Spirituality -

The material for this series comes primarily from Ciccarelli, Marciano M., "I capisaldi della spiritualità francescana" in Italian, which translates as "The Cornerstones of Franciscan Spirituality". No English translations exist at the time of this recording.

Ave Maria!

Mass: Thursday 1st Week of Lent - Wkdy
Readings:  -
1st: est 14:1ff
Resp: psa 138:1-3, 7-8
Gsp: mat 7:7-12

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