Private Revelation 101, Part 3 – Jan 17 – Homily – Fr Terrance

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Fr Terrance gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Jan 17, 2023, where he continues his series on private revelation with part 3, Discerning the Divine, how we can know that a private revelation is from God.


Discerning signs that a revelation is from God himself. St. George Preca

1 Fear and confusion at the beginning but turns to peace  joy

2 sears elevated to God in

4 light and calm

5 humility

6 shame not telling it to more people

7 fear that it is imagination

8 recognizes his own misery

9 love generated toward god

10 desire for heaven

11 detached

12 motivate to do penance

13 strength in practicing virtues

Object of what they see, the vision.

1 posture of vision

2 what the vision says

3 holiness of the character in

4 words are not useless

Fr. Jordan Aumann 7 signs of divine origin that overlap many of hose of St. George Preca

1 Truth in what it says and inspires

2 Gravity, seriousness not frivolous, at least to the seer, e.g. Bernadette, use her own rosary

3 Enlightenment and certitude rather than confusion and darkness on seer and others

4 Docility of the seer, teachable spirits, accept cheerfully advice and instruction, not a know-it-all, God prefers the simple children

5 Discretion - no exaggeration, impetuosity, full of peace

6 Humility and self-effacement, the humility of heart

7 Peace is always associated with communication with God

some other good signs: confidence in God, flexibility of will, purity of intentions, patience in suffering, self-abnegation, simplicity liberty of spirit

All put together, give an indication it is from God.

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